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FPS Grape Selections: 2010 Protocol Selections

Additional Information
Description of 2010 Protocol

Foundation Plant Services (FPS) is pleased to offer grape selections that meet our rigorous Protocol 2010 standards. To qualify as Protocol 2010 plant material, two primary qualifications must be met. First, the FPS source vines are generated using microshoot tip tissue culture techniques, i.e, cut from a piece of the meristematic dome that is 0.5 mm or smaller in size. Second, these source vines have tested negative for the extensive list of pathogens detailed on the Protocol 2010 list, using testing techniques which include PCR, ELISA, herbaceous and woody indexing. These standards ensure that this material is free from these known harmful pathogens which is critical to establishing a healthy vineyard.

Selections in bold are proprietary/patented and cannot be distributed without written permission from the owner. 1

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 Variety - Selection Registr. P2010 Berry Color Uses
Pinot noir 79.1 R 2010 Black Wine