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Selections which are planted at RR and currently not available from that location

The following selections have been available from the Foundation Plant Services Russell Ranch vineyard.

This page will show which selections are available, and which are not.

Selections in bold are proprietary/patented and cannot be distributed without written permission from the owner. 48

Information about:          Selection Numbers     |     Registration Status
 Variety - Selection Registr. P2010 Berry Color Uses
Big Pete 01.1 P White Raisin
Bruce's Sport 01.1 R White Table
Cabernet Sauvignon 52.1 R Black Wine
   Cabernet Sauvignon 59.1 R Black Wine
   Cabernet Sauvignon PLANSEL ® 64.1 R Black Wine
Caprettone 01.1 R White Wine
Chardonnay 102.1 Hold White Wine
Cinsaut 02.1 R Black Raisin,Table,Wine
   Cinsaut 04.1 R Black Raisin,Table,Wine
Cornifesto 02.1 R Black Wine
Durif 11.1 Hold 2010 Black Table,Wine
Excelsior Guilly 01.1 P White Wine
Godello 01.1 P white Wine
Gouveio 274.1 P White Wine
LN33 01.1 P White Indicator plant for virus
Merlot 25.1 Hold Black Wine
   Merlot ENTAV-INRA ® 181.1 Hold Black Wine
Millardet et de Grasset 420A 05.1 P Rootstock
Muscat of Alexandria 02.1 Hold White Raisin,Table,Wine
Nero d'Avola 02.1 R Black Wine
O39-16 01.1 P Rootstock
Parellada 01.1 R White Wine
Petit Verdot 06.1 R Black Wine
Picardan 01.1 R White Wine
Pinot blanc 07.1 Hold White Wine
Pinot gris 09.1 R Grey Wine
   Pinot gris 11.1 Hold Grey Wine
Pinot Meunier 05.1 R Black Wine
Pinot noir 36.1 R Black Wine
   Pinot noir 71.1 R Black Wine
   Pinot noir 76.1 R Black Wine
   Pinot noir 79.1 R 2010 Black Wine
   Pinot noir 128.1 R Black Wine
Piquepoul blanc ENTAV-INRA ® 463.1 Hold White Wine
Prieto Picudo 02.1 R Black Wine
Sangiovese 12.1 P Black Wine
   Sangiovese 15.1 R Black Wine
Sauvignon blanc 26.1 R White Wine
Syrah 25.1 P Black Wine
Tannat 01.1 R Black Wine
Tempranillo PLANSEL ® 19.1 R Black Table,Wine
Triplett T61-13 01.1 P Black Wine
Vaccarèse 01.2 R Black Wine
Verdejo 04.1 P White Wine
Verdelho 10.1 R White Wine
Zinfandel 15.1 R Black Wine
   Zinfandel 29.1 R Black Wine
   Zinfandel 43.1 R Black Wine