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FPS Grape Selections: New Introductions

The following grape selections released within the last 4 years have been tested for disease and planted in the FPS Foundation Vineyard. The source vines of most of these selections are too young to produce hardwood cuttings for sale in the current dormant season. To ensure that FPS customers are able to receive some propagating material of even the newest selections, customers may custom order mist-propagated plants (own-rooted green plants in 4" pots) of the selections included on this list.

MPPs are produced from young mother vines upon order for delivery approximately 6-12 months later. Expected delivery dates depend on several factors, including time of year ordered, number of plants requested, number of other orders received for the same selection(s), and age and condition of source vine(s). MPPs may be requested at any time of year, but to have the best chance of receiving at least some of your plants the following summer, it's best to place your order by November 15th. Due to the limited supply of material to start MPPs, large orders can sometimes take up to two years to fill completely.

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Selections in bold are proprietary/patented and cannot be distributed without written permission from the owner. 25

Information about:          Selection Numbers     |     Registration Status
 Variety - Selection Registr. P2010 Berry Color Uses 1st Planting
Ambulo Blanc 01 P Black Wine 2017
Avgoustiatis 01 P Black Wine 2017
Big Pete 01.1 P 2010 White Raisin 2019
Cabernet Sauvignon 74 P Black Wine 2018
   Cabernet Sauvignon 81 P Black Wine 2019
Cabernet Volos 01 R Black Wine 2017
Caminante Blanc 01 P White Wine 2017
Chancellor 02 P Black Wine 2017
Kakhet 01 P Black Wine 2018
Khatun Khardzhi 01 P White Wine 2017
Khindogni 01 P Black Wine 2018
Kidonitsa 01 P White Wine 2017
Lagorthi 01 P White Wine 2018
Louise Swenson 01 P White Wine 2017
Merlot Kanthus 01 R Black Wine 2017
Moschofilero 02 P Red or deep pin... Wine 2017
Pinot gris 14 P Grey Wine 2018
Pinot noir 152 P Black Wine 2018
Riesling 33 P White Wine 2017
Ruchè 01 P Black Wine 2019
Sauvignon Kretos 01 R White Wine 2017
Sauvignon Rytos 01 R White Wine 2017
Syrah 36 P Black Wine 2019
Vidiano 01 P White Wine 2017
Xinomavro 01 P Black Wine 2017