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Grape Variety: Arinarnoa

Variety Name Arinarnoa
All Synonyms Arinarno
Countries of Origin France
Species Vitis vinifera
Pedigree Tannat x Cabernet Sauvignon
Berry Color Black
Uses Wine

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Arinarnoa Selections

Information about:          Selection Numbers     |     Registration Status
  Arinarnoa 723 (proprietary)
Registration Status Registered Registered is the ultimate status in the California Department of Food & Agricultures Grapevine Registration & Certification Program. Registered selections have successfully completed all disease testing required by the regulations. Registered selections have also been confirmed as true to variety by experts using visual observations, DNA-based testing or both.
Source Official French clone Arinarnoa 723, ENTAV-INRA, France
Treatments None , Tissue Culture Excision
Proprietary Proprietary- cannot be distributed without written permission from owner: ENTAV-ITV
Patented / Proprietary Proprietary
Comments This selection came to Foundation Plant Services in 1998 from ENTAV-INRA in France. It is official French clone Arinarnoa 723. The selection was known as Arinarnoa FPS 01 until 2016, when the name was changed to Arinarnoa ENTAV-INRA® 723.