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Grape Selection Licensor

ENTAV-ITV licensing information.

Grapevine clonal material in France is subjected to extensive testing and certification under the aegis of the Ministry of Agriculture. The Institut Français de la Vigne et du Vin (IFV) is a national agency certified by the Ministry of Agriculture to manage and coordinate the French national clonal selection program. The responsibilities now entrusted to the IFV were formerly performed by an entity known as The Etablissement National Technique pour l’Amelioration de la Viticulture (ENTAV) and include maintenance of the French national repository of accredited clones and administration of the ENTAV-INRA® authorized clone trademark to protect the official French clones internationally. The trademark is a good indication that the clonal identity of a vine is correct. Trademarked importations come directly from official French source vines. ENTAV International, subsiduary of IFV and INRA (shareholders of the trademark) retain the exclusive rights to control the distribution and propagation of its trademarked materials which are only available to the public from nurseries licensed by ENTAV International.

Nurseries licensed to sell ENTAV-INRA products in the United States.