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DNA-Based Fruit & Nut Tree Variety Identification

Prices per sample
  • 1-5 samples$410
  • 6 or more samples$300
Surcharges per sample
  • Other than dried leaf samples*$50
  • International samples$50
  • * using our standard protocol
Payment Options
  • Credit Card or Invoice (check)

Foundation Plant Services offers DNA-based varietal identification on a fee-for-service basis for almond, apple, apricot, cherry, olive, peach, plum, pistachio, and walnut. Using “DNA Fingerprinting” technology varieties are identified by comparing the DNA profile of the client’s sample to Foundation Plant Services’ DNA Identification Reference Databases. The databases, specific to each crop, contain DNA profiles of currently important varieties, historic varieties, and rootstocks. The service is available to both domestic and international clients. The service does not distinguish between bud-sports (somatic mutations, clones) within a given variety.

Standard Samples

Dried young leaves are our standard sample. Collection materials and collecting instructions are provided as part of the service. The service is available to both domestic and international clients. There is a $50 per sample surcharge for all international samples. Results are typically ready in four to five weeks.

Non-standard Samples (not available for international customers)

Plant variety can also be identified using other parts of the plant such as the fruit or dormant cuttings allowing samples to be tested in any season. Collection instructions for non-standard sample types are provided case-by-case. There is a $50 per sample surcharge for all samples types other than leaves dried using our standard protocol.

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