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Table of Contents
This book tells the story of a valuable grapevine collection housed at the University of California, Davis. Foundation Plant Services at UC Davis accumulated the diverse group of grapevines through long-term collaboration with university scientists and viticulturists and the wine industry in a mutual effort to identify, acquire and develop high quality wine and table grapes.
University Grape and Wine Program 1879-1950
Harold Olmo
The Origin of Foundation Plant Services
FPS into the 21st Century
History of the California Grapevine Nursery Industry
Profiles of the California Grapevine Nurseries
Black Grapes of Bordeaux
Malbec & Cot at FPS
Grapes of Southern France
Sauvignon blanc and the Sauternes
The Pinots
The Origin of California’s Zinfandel (Croatia)
Barbera Finds a Second Home in California
Riesling at FPS