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Grape Variety: Malvasia bianca

Variety Name Malvasia bianca
TTB Approved Name(s) Malvasia bianca (Moscato greco)
Common Synonyms Moscato greco
All Synonyms Alicante Espagnol du Dao, Blanca-roja, Blancarroga, Blanco Fino, Blanquirroja, Cagazal, Dona Branca, Früher Roter Malvasier, Iuvarella, Lavarela Verdana, Malmsey, Malvasia, Malvasia bianca del Chianti, Malvasia bianca piemonte, Malvasia Comun, Malvasia de Colares, Malvasia de la Rioja, Malvasia de Rioja, Malvasia del Lazio, Malvasia di Candia, Malvasia fina, Malvasia Puntinta, Malvasia Riojana, Malvasia Rosso, Malvasier, Malvazija, Malvazija Bela, Malvoisie, Masovy Hrozon, Monemvasia, Monemvassia, Moscato greco, Rojal, Sarga Malvazia, Suavidad, Subirat, Subirat Parent, Tobia, Toloca, Uva de Arroba, Uva Greca, Verdana, Verdana, Verdeja
Countries of Origin Greece or Italy
Species Vitis vinifera
Berry Color White
Uses Table,Wine
Comments There is ambiguity about the origin of this variety. The book Wine Grape Varieties in California (reference no. 2) indicates that 'Malvasia bianca is understood to be from the northwest coast of Italy where it is an obscure variety known there as Malvasia bianca piemonte or Moscato greco. Its origin within Italy and beyond is unknown.' Jancis Robinson (reference no.6) states that 'Malvasia is a name used widely especially in Iberia and Italy for a complex web of grape varieties, typically ancient and of Greek origin and producing characterful wines high in alcohol and often residual sugar'. She notes that the name 'Malvasia is the Italian corruption of Monemvasia, the southern Greek port which, in the Middle Ages, was a busy port' through which passed the highly-regarded dessert wines of the eastern Mediterranean.

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Malvasia bianca Selections

Information about:          Selection Numbers     |     Registration Status
  Malvasia bianca 03
Registration Status Registered Registered is the ultimate status in the California Department of Food & Agricultures Grapevine Registration & Certification Program. Registered selections have successfully completed all disease testing required by the regulations. Registered selections have also been confirmed as true to variety by experts using visual observations, DNA-based testing or both.
Source California vineyard (Sonoma County)
Treatments None , Tissue Culture Excision
Comments This selection came to Foundation Plant Services in the early 1960's from a vineyard in Sonoma County, California. It underwent basic index testing and was planted in the FPS foundation vineyard in 1964. A comment in the FPS database indicates that Italian ampelographer Anna Schneider believed that this selection is 'the ancient Malvasia from the Piedmont region of Italy'. Malvasia bianca 03 underwent microshoot tip tissue culture therapy in 2011 in order to qualify for planting in the Russell Ranch Foundation Vineyard. The treated material successfully completed disease testing in 2013 and will be planted at Russell Ranch as Malvasia bianca 03.1.

  Malvasia bianca 04
Treatments Tissue Culture Excision