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Grape Variety: Kyoho

Variety Name Kyoho
All Synonyms Ju Feng, Kioho, Kyoho 4N, Kyoho Selection Group, Kyohou
Countries of Origin Japan
Species Interspecific cross
Breeder Yasushi Oinoue
Institution Institute for Agronomical and Biological Science, Nakaizu, Shizuoka, Japan
Year Released 1939
Pedigree Centennial (4N) x Ishiharawase (4N)
Berry Color Black
Uses Table
Comments This tetraploid variety has large, purple berries with a foxy flavor. Bred in Japan by Yasushi Ōinoue in 1937. In terms of acreage, this is the most planted variety in the world as of 2017. The vast majority is grown in China.

Kyoho Selections

Information about:          Selection Numbers     |     Registration Status
  Kyoho 02
Registration Status Provisional Provisional Status is an important term used in the regulations of the California Department of Food & Agriculture's Grapevine Registration & Certification Program. Grapevine selections with Provisional Status have successfully completed all required disease testing, but have not been confirmed as true to variety. Propagation material from Provisional selections qualifies for release subject to the understanding on the part of the customer that the identity has yet to be confirmed.
Source China
Treatments Heat treatment 62 days; RSP+
Comments This selection came to Foundation Plant Services in 1982 from the Zhengzhou Fruit Tree Institute, Henan, China. It was imported at the request of Dr. Ronald P. Lane, of Experiment, Georgia. At the time of the importation, the variety was reportedly grown widely in the cold regions of China.