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Grape Variety: Lagorthi

Variety Name Lagorthi
Common Synonyms Verdeca
All Synonyms Albese bianco, Albina verde, Alvino verde, Biancolina, Carosella, Horojtachak, La Pampanuta, Lagarthi, Lagathi, Laghorhi, Laghorti, Lagorhi, Lagothra, Lagourthia, Lagoyrthia, Laorkos, Laorthi, Pampanino, Pampanuta, Pampanuto, Primarulo, Rizzulo, San Gennaro, Tivolese, Uva Marana, Verdacchio, Verde, Verdeca, Verdera, Verdesca, Verdicchio, Verdicchio Femmina, Verdicchio Peloso, Verdicchio Tirolese, Verdicchio verde, Verdicella, Verdigno, Verdisco, Verdisco bianco, Verdolino, Verdone, Vino verde
Countries of Origin Greece
Species Vitis vinifera
Berry Color White
Uses Wine
Comments This Greek white wine variety is grown in the Pelopónnisos (Aigialeia Mountains) and the Ionian islands and has been mentioned in connection with Cretan varieties of the 19th century. Lagorthi is known in the Puglia region of Italy as Verdeca. DNA profiling has shown that the Croatian variety Plavina is a cross between Verdeca (Lagorthi) and Tribidrag (the Croatian name for Zinfandel and Primitivo). Robinson et al., 2012, WINE GRAPES, p. 1116.

Lagorthi Selections

Information about:          Selection Numbers     |     Registration Status
  Lagorthi 01
Registration Status Registered Registered is the ultimate status in the California Department of Food & Agricultures Grapevine Registration & Certification Program. Registered selections have successfully completed all disease testing required by the regulations. Registered selections have also been confirmed as true to variety by experts using visual observations, DNA-based testing or both.
Source Crete Heraklion Vineyard; donated by Fassoulis Grapevine Nursery in Nemea, Greece
Treatments None , Tissue Culture Excision
Comments This white wine clone was donated to the public grapevine collection at Foundation Plant Services in 2016 by Fassoulis Grapevine Nursery in Nemea, Greece. The material is clone F1 from a vineyard in Heraklion, Crete, in Greece. The nursery donated the clone in exchange for return of clean/tested wood. The original material qualified for the FPS Classic Foundation Vineyard in 2017.