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Grape Variety: St. Vincent

Variety Name St. Vincent
TTB Approved Name(s) St. Vincent
All Synonyms Stomboli
Countries of Origin USA
Species probably V. vinifera
Pedigree St. Vincent was discovered in 1973 in a vineyard in Missouri. It was growing 100 feet from where there once had been a row of Pinot noir. Chambourcin vines had been growing next to the Pinot noir. The official parentage of St. Vincent has yet to be established.
Uses Wine
Comments St. Vincent first came to the attention of Scott Toedebusch in 1973, who was managing a vineyard owned by Lucien W. Dressel. The vineyard lay west of Schell Road in Augusta, Missouri. They initially named the vine "Stomboli", due to its bright red leaves in the fall and the fact that the vines had volcanic production. Philip Wagner at the Boordy Nursery (Maryland) suggested that a more melodious name would be St. Vincent (the name of of the patron saint of the Cote d'Or in Burgundy); Wagner thought that wine from St. Vincent resembles that from Pinot noir. The grape is grown commercially in Missouri, Arkansas, Illinois, Nebraska, Ohio, Pennsylvania, Michigan, Kansas and New York.

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