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Grape Variety: Voskeat

Variety Name Voskeat
Common Synonyms Khardji, Kharji, Voskehat
All Synonyms Canancheny, Hardzgi, Hardzhi, Hardzhu, Kanaceni, Kanachkeni, Kanachkenu, Kanachkeny, Kanacicheni, Kanancheni, Katvi Achk, Katviachk, Katviacik, Khach Khardji, Khach Kharji, Khardgi, Khardhzi, Khardji, Khardzhi, Khardzhu, Kharji, Kherji, Piscik Gezi, Pishik Gezi, Pishik Gizi, Pishik Gyozu, Pishik Kiy, Pishik Ktsy, Pishik-Ktsi, Pscigi, Pshigi, Pshik Ktsy, Pyshiyi, Voskaet, Voskath, Voskeat, Voskeate, Voskehat, Xardji
Countries of Origin Armenia or Azerbaijan
Species Vitis vinifera
Berry Color White
Uses Wine, table
Comments This old white wine variety probably originated in western Armenia and was reportedly named after the village of Voskehat near Yerevan, the capital city of Armenia. Voskeat has been used for sweet fortified wines and sparkling wines in Armenia. The variety is also popular in Azerbaijan under the name Kharji. Robinson et al. WINE GRAPES, pp. 1151-1152 (2012).

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