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Grape Variety: Béclan

Variety Name Béclan
Common Synonyms Béclan Petit
All Synonyms Baccalan, Baclan, Baclans, Becclan, Beikian, Beitrian, Durau, Dureau, Duret, Margillin Petit, Petit Béclan, Petit Dureau, Petit Margillin, Roussette noir, Saunoir, Saut noir, Sceau noir, Seaut noir
Countries of Origin France
Species Vitis vinifera
Berry Color Black
Uses Wine
Comments This cultivar is an old cultivar from the Jura region of France (eastern central). Only a few acres of Béclan vines exist in France today. This variety is called Petit Béclan in the Jura, to distinguish it from Gros Béclan (a synonym for Peloursin). DNA analysis has shown that Béclan is a distinct variety from Peloursin, Durif (Petit Sirah) and Pinot noir. (reference 80 - Robinson, Harding and Vouillamoz, WINE GRAPES, 2012, page 96).

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