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Grape Variety: Ansonica

Variety Name Ansonica
Common Synonyms Inzolia (on Malta)
All Synonyms Amsonica, Ansolia, Ansolica, Ansoliku, Ansonica bianca, Ansora, Ansoria, Ansorica, Anzonaka, Anzonica, Anzulu, Arba Solika, Erba Insolika, Inselida, Insolia, Insolia di Palermo, Insora, Inzolia, Inzolia Parchitana, Nsolia, Nsuolia, Nzolia, Nzolia bianca, Nzolia di Lipari, Nzolia di Palermo, Soria, Zolia bianca
Countries of Origin Italy
Species Vitis vinifera
Berry Color White
Uses Table,Wine
Comments This ancient important white wine variety has long been associated with Sicily, Italy.

Ansonica Selections

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