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Grape Variety: Pignolo

Variety Name Pignolo
All Synonyms Carraresa Compatta, Duracino, Occhialina, Pgnoo, Pignoca, Pignul, Pignuola, Pignuolo, Ribola, Ribollu, Ribolo, Rognosa, Schiettarola, Spampignolo
Countries of Origin Italy
Species Vitis vinifera
Berry Color Black
Uses Wine
Comments This cultivar is native to the Friuli region of northeast Italy. The cultivar's name means 'fussy' in Italian, suggesting shy bearing. The Italian word pigna means "pine cone", which could suggest the shape of the bunches. The cultivar is rare and almost disappeared until it was rescued in the 1970's in Friuli. Pignolo is used for varietal wines as well as blended wines.

Pignolo Selections

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