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Grape Variety: Babica

Variety Name Babica
All Synonyms Babica Crna, Babica Crni, Kastelanka
Countries of Origin Croatia
Species Vitis vinifera
Pedigree One parent is Plavac mali
Berry Color Black
Uses Wine
Comments Scientists at the University of Zagreb in Croatia state that this variety (pronounced 'Babitsa') is known to be a direct offspring of the Croatian grape Plavac mali. This 'young' variety spread mostly in the areas of Split and Kastela during the 20th century. Maturity is medium late (late September or early October) in the Kastela region in Croatia. Some sources say this variety name (Babica) is a synonym for the Babic variety. Wines in Croatia made from Babica are medium in alcohol, acid and tannin, and are traditionally blended with other native cultivars. FPS Grape Program Newsletter, October 2012, page 9.

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