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Grape Variety: Babić

Variety Name Babić
All Synonyms Babcevica, Babic crni, Babic mali, Babic pivati, Babic pluskavi, Babic veliki, Babica, Babica crna, Babica crni, Babica Gresljivka crni, Babica mala, Babica Velika, Babicevic, Babicevica, Babika, Babika Vela, Babina, Babinka, Babinka Vela, Babitch, Babitza, Babytch, Crnac Rani, Crnac Rani a Sibenik, Divljak a Zadar, Grastavac, Gresljivka, Pazanin, Resljivka, Rogoznicka, Rogoznicanin, Roguljanak a Sibenik, Shibenchanatz, Sibencanac, Sibencanac a Zadar
Countries of Origin Croatia
Species Vitis vinifera
Berry Color Black
Uses Wine
Comments Scientists at the University of Zagreb in Croatia believe that this native red variety (pronounced 'Babich') very likely is genetically related to the variety Dobricic. Babic is indigenous to Dalmatia and is used to produce high quality wines in Croatia.

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