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Grape Variety: Bourboulenc

Variety Name Bourboulenc
All Synonyms Asprokondoura, Berlou blanc, Blanquette, Blanquette du Frontonnais, Blanquette du Gard, Blanquette Menue, Bourbojlanc, Bourboulenco, Bourboulene, Bourbouleng, Bourboulenque, Bourbounenco, Burbulen, Clairete Doree a Paulhan, Clairette a Grains Ronds, Clairette blanche, Clairette Doree, Clairette Grosse, Clairette Rousse, Clairette Rousse due Var, Doucillon, Frappad, Grosse Clairette, Malvoisie, Malvoisie a la Clape, Mourterille, Ondenc, Picardan, Roussaou, Roussette, Roussette du Vaucluse
Countries of Origin France
Species Vitis vinifera
Pedigree It is believed that one of the parents is Gouais blanc
Berry Color Blanc
Uses Wine
Comments Bourboulenc is an ancient white wine grape that has been grown in southern France (Provence) for centuries. Some believe it has its origins in Greece (Asprokondoura). Bouboulenc is a late budding variety. This Châteauneuf-du-Pape grape is a possible source for floral character, freshness and acid to blend with wines from white Rhône varieties that tend toward high sugars, such as Viognier, Roussanne, and Grenache blanc. Haas, Robert, FPS Grape Program Newsletter, 2005, at in the Publications section under 'Grape'.

Bourboulenc Selections

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