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Grape Variety: RS-3

Variety Name RS-3
Common Synonyms McKenry RS-3
All Synonyms McKenry RS-3
Countries of Origin USA
Species Interspecific hybrid (champinii; riparia; rupestris)
Breeder David Ramming, Michael McKenry
Institution USDA-ARS (Fresno, CA) & UC Riverside
Year Released 2003
Status of Ownership Patent held by University of California
Pedigree Ramsey x Schwarzmann
Uses Rootstock
Comments This rootstock features broad-spectrum resistance to nematodes. It has a moderate vigor level that is most suitable for coarse to fine sandy loam soils, and displays resistance to all known aggressive populations of root knot nematodes, Xiphinema index, the citrus nematode and root lesion. More details can be accessed in Foundation Plant Services' 2001 Grape Program Newsletter.

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RS-3 Selections

Information about:          Selection Numbers     |     Registration Status
  RS-3 01.1 (proprietary)
Source Mike McKenry, Kearney Agricultural Center, California
Treatments MIcroshoot tip tissue culture therapy
Proprietary Proprietary- cannot be distributed without written permission from owner.
Patented / Proprietary Proprietary
Comments This selection came to Foundation Plant Services in 1999 from Mike McKenry at UC's Kearney Agricultural Center in California. After successful completion of testing for the California Grapevine Registration & Certification Program, RS-3 FPS 01 was planted in the FPS Classic Foundation Vineyard in 2001. At the same time as the original material was undergoing testing, FPS created backup vines for this selection using microshoot tip tissue culture therapy in 2000. Those backup vines completed testing and were planted in the Classic Foundation Vineyard without having been assigned a formal selection number. One of the backup vines successfully completed testing under the 2010 Protocol and was planted in the Russell Ranch Foundation Vineyard in 2011 as RS-3 FPS 01.1.