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Grape Variety: Pedro Ximénez

Variety Name Pedro Ximénez
TTB Approved Name(s) Pedro Ximenes
Common Synonyms Pedro Ximenes
All Synonyms Alamis, Alamis de Totana, Jiménez, Myuskadel, Pasa Rosada de Malaga, Pedro, Pedro Jiménez, Pedro Khimenes, Pedro Ximenes de Jerez, Pedro Ximenez de Montilla, Pedro Ximénes, Pedro Ximinez, Pero Ximen, Pero Ximénez, Uva Pero Ximen, Uva Pero Ximénez, Ximenecia, Ximénez
Countries of Origin Spain
Species Vitis vinifera
Berry Color White
Uses Wine
Comments Pedro Ximénez is a white wine grape variety traditionally associated with Andalucía in southern Spain, southern Cataluña and the Canary Islands. Robinson, 2006.

Pedro Ximénez Selections

Information about:          Selection Numbers     |     Registration Status
  Pedro Ximénez 01
Registration Status Registered Registered is the ultimate status in the California Department of Food & Agricultures Grapevine Registration & Certification Program. Registered selections have successfully completed all disease testing required by the regulations. Registered selections have also been confirmed as true to variety by experts using visual observations, DNA-based testing or both.
Source Department of Viticulture & Enology, UC Davis
Treatments Heat treatment 92 days
Comments This selection came to FPS around 1965 from the vineyard of the Department of Viticulture & Enology, UC Davis.