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FPS Prunus Fruit & Nut Tree Materials and Prices Effective April 1, 2023

Cuttings/Graftsticks (Rootstock or Scion)

Cuttings: $2.00 each

Please specify desire for leaves to be removed or left intact.

Minimum quantity requirement of 5 for each selection requested.

Rootstock Seed - $0.20 /seed

Seed Producting Cultivars Available
Flordaguard [Peach Rootstock] 7,130
Lovell [Peach Rootstock] 82,188
Mahaleb [Cherry Rootstock] 885,294
Mazzard (saylor) [Cherry Rootstock] 121,304
Mazzard (silverbark) [Cherry Rootstock] 393,600
Myrobalan [Plum Rootstock] 60,000
Nemaguard [Peach Rootstock] 172,050
Nemared [Peach Rootstock] 38,416

Seeds are not stratified prior to delivery.


Order Deadlines

Summer Order by May 1 for distribution in June/July.

Winter Order by November 1 for distribution from November 15 to December 31.

Seed Ordering Deadline
Order by August 15th for distribution in Fall.

Download Order Form

Important Terms of Order - Please Read

Material Allocation Policy

FPS plant materials are allocated among all orders received and confirmed before deadlines described above each year. Orders are considered confirmed upon receipt of an original signed order form. In the event requests for materials exceed the available supply, materials are allocated according to an established priority system prioritizing CDFA Registered and Certified Nurseries. Any remaining materials are sold on a first-come, first-served basis to customers submitting orders after the deadline.

Prices & Minimum Order Charge

There is a minimum order charge of $150.00 per order for plant material, excluding commericial nurseries with a Blanket Agreement in place. Minimum quantity requirement of 5 identical items requested for each selection, except in the case of strawberries. The price will be calculated according to the number of identical units ordered. Commercial nurseries are encouraged to open a Blanket Agreement.

Order Pickup/Shipping and Packing & Handling Charges

All orders are shipped F.O.B. Davis, California. Buyer agrees to pay all costs of transportation and assumes all risk of loss during shipment. No shipping or packing & handling fees are charged for orders picked up at the FPS facility; FPS asks that all orders for plant material be picked up within 30 days of notification that they are ready for pickup. FPS reserves the right to assess customers for storage of materials not picked up after 30 days.

For all orders that are shipped to customers, shipping and handling fees of 15% of material are added to the order.

Additional Phytosanitary Certificate, Testing, and Treatment Requirements

For out of state shipments, customers will be charged at actual cost for any required phytosanitary certificates ($60.30) and additional testing. Where pesticide or hot water treatment is required, customers will be charged a fee of $200.00. Customers will be charged at actual cost for any required quarantine compliance certificates. They will also be charged for any additional diagnostic testing required beyond normal FPS protocols.

Policy on Cancellations and Changes to Orders

Because FPS materials are custom collected and prepared for each customer, cancellations are not accepted once material has been collected. Additions to orders will receive allocation priority according to the date they were added. FPS reserves the right to bill for materials that are cancelled once they have been collected or prepared.