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Prunus Cultivar: Lovell

Cultivar Name: Lovell
Type Peach Rootstock
Patent Not Patented
Parentage Chance seedling
Species Prunus persica,Prunus persica,Prunus persica,Prunus persica,Prunus persica,Prunus persica,Prunus persica,Prunus persica
Usage Scion and Rootstock
Seed Available Seed available from Foundation Plant Services
Chill Requirement 850 chill hours required
Yield High
Flesh Color Yellow
Pit Freestone
Ripening time +3 weeks relative to Elberta
Self Compatible Yes - Self Compatible
Scion Vigor Influence Standard
Soil Adaptation Suffers in waterlogged soils. More tolerant of wet soils than Nemaguard. Poor tolerance to calcareous soil.
Climatic Adaptation Good; More cold hardy than Nemaguard
Resistance Traits Susceptible to root-knot nematode; partly resistant to lesion nematode and ring nematode. Resistant or tolerant to bacterial canker; Susceptible to Phytophthora, Armillaria, crown gall.
Graft Compatibility plums, peaches, nectarines, apricots, prunes, almonds
Propagation Notes mainly by seed, FPS Recommended Method: 36-48 hour soak in water, 60 day stratification
Propagation Method Seed
Anchorage Good
Suckering Low
Description Lovell used to be a canning and drying peach before a rogue chance seedling of interest (in regards to rootstock) was discovered. Now widely used as a rootstock where root-knot nematode is not a problem. Origin: 1882, G.W. Thissell, Winters, CA. Precocious. Not cold hardy. In NC-140 Trials: 1984, 2001, 2002, 2009 Has been a standard peach rootstock for many years, but now is not widely used in California because of root-knot nematode susceptibility.