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Prunus Cultivar: Lapins

Cultivar Name: Lapins
Type Cherry
Synonyms '2D-28-26', '2S-28-26'
Patent Not Patented
Parentage Van × Stella
Species Prunus avium
Usage Scion
Fresh Market
Taste Sweet
Chill Requirement 500 chill hours required
Bloom Time +5 days relative to Bing
S Genotype S1S4'
Yield High
Flesh Color red
Ripening time +2 weeks relative to Bing
Self Compatible Yes - Self Compatible
Pollinators Lapins is an excellent pollinator/universal donor.
Description Origin: In Summerland, BC, Canada by K.O. Lapins and W. D. Lane, Res. Sta. Agriculture Canada. Lapins and Sunburst were sister seedlings and originated from the cross of Van with Stella in 1965. Both were selected in 1971. Lapins was tested as 2D-28-26 and Sunburst as 2D-28-31, but in 1977 the 2D designation, which indicated orchard location, was changed to 2S when the station map was redrawn. As a result these cultivars may have been tested as 2S-28-26 and 2S-28-31 by some cooperators. Originally trialed as pollinators by commercial orchardist. Introd. in 1983. Lapins was named to honor Dr. K. O. Lapins, the cherry breeder at Summerland from 1957 to 1914. He was the first to incorporate the self-compatible characteristic into cultivars, such as Stella (Lapins 1971) now grown commercially. The cross, which resulted in both Lapins and Sunburst, was made by Dr. Lapins and he, together with H. Schmid, selected Lapins and Sunburst then propagated them for further testing at Summerland and by cooperating scientists, nurserymen and growers. Outstanding Characteristics: self fertile with a firm rich flavor, resists late frosts, demonstrates abundance of flowering, is an exceptionally heavy producer, and is resistant to rain-induced splitting. Similar to Lambert, but larger, firmer, and ripens 2 days later. Similar to Van in color and resembles Stella in shape; mahogany-red. A large dark sweet cherry very similar to Bing, with an exceptional, mouth-watering flavor, now becoming the full orchard replacement tree for Bing commercially. Sometimes sold as “Self-fertile Bing.” Tree: upright. Flavor/Texture: Mild (17-19% fruit sugar)/Firm. Hardy in Zone 5-6. Flowering group/pollination period 2.


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