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Prunus Cultivar: Sweetheart ™

Cultivar Name: Sweetheart ™
Type Cherry
Synonyms '135-22-8'
Patent Not Patented
Parentage P. avium cv. 'Van' x cv. 'Newstar' (2S-28-28)
Species Prunus avium
Usage Scion
Taste Sweet
Chill Requirement 800 chill hours required
S Genotype With-S4'
Yield High
Pit Does not apply
Ripening time +3 weeks relative to Bing
Self Compatible Yes - Self Compatible
Pollinators Universal donor
Description A high-quality cherry developed at Summerland, British Columbia, Canada. Very late, productive, bright red, medium to large, heart-shaped, precocious, moderate cracking, very good firmness, size, and good flavor. The tree is spreading and precocious, yielding heavy crops on all rootstocks. Trees must me pruned properly each year to prevent oversetting.


No photos for this cultivar.