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Prunus Cultivar: Castlebrite

Cultivar Name: Castlebrite
Type Apricot
Patent Not Patented
Parentage Prunus armeniaca cv. OP seedling of B60-12 (Perfection x Castleton)
Species Prunus armeniaca
Usage Scion
Fresh Market
Chill Requirement 500 chill hours required
Yield High
Flesh Color golden yellow
Pit Freestone
Ripening time -4 weeks relative to Blenheim
Self Compatible Yes - Self Compatible
Pollinators It is a good pollenator to help increase production on Robada even though it is self fruitful.
Description Originated in Fresno, CA, by J.H. Weinberger, Agr. Res. Serv., USDA. The semi-sweet Castlebrite apricot is a reliable, early bearing cultivar that produces bright orange fruit with a slight red blush. The medium-sized, firm fruit offers acceptable, full flavor, although very tart and sweet, unless fully ripe. Trees are vigorous; productive under San Joaquin Valley conditions. Recommended as early shipping cultivar.


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