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Prunus Cultivar: Myrobalan

Cultivar Name: Myrobalan
Type Plum Rootstock
Patent Not Patented
Parentage Prunus cerasifera
Usage Rootstock
Seed Available Seed available from Foundation Plant Services
Soil Adaptation Wide range of adaptability and is tolerant to wet soil
Resistance Traits Crown Gall Resistance, good; Phytophthora Resistance, fair; Bacterial Canker Resistance, low; Root Knot Nematode Resistance, low; Oak Root Fungus Resistance, low
Graft Compatibility Apricot, Plum, "Prune"
Propagation Method Seed
Anchorage Excellent
Suckering Low
Description Myrobalan is a highly vigorous seedling rootstock that is well suited for a wide range of soil types. It is usually considered a vigorous or semi-vigorous rootstock, producing a tree with a mature height of 16ft - 20ft. Trees on Myrobalan should become free-standing but may benefit from staking for the first few years in lighter soils and / or windy situations. Like most seedling rootstocks Myrobalan is not particularly precocious, and trees should start bearing after 4-5 years. Apricot can be grown on Myrobalan plum rootstocks, although weakness and breaking at the graft union has been reported after high winds. As a result of this problem Myrobalan rootstocks should only be used in very heavy or wet soils.