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Prunus Cultivar: Van

Cultivar Name: Van
Type Cherry
Patent Not Patented
Parentage open pollinated seedling of Empress Eugenie
Species Prunus avium
Usage Scion
Fresh Market
Taste Sweet
Chill Requirement 700 chill hours required
Bloom Time Zero days relative to Bing
S Genotype S1S3
Yield High
Flesh Color Dark red
Ripening time Zero weeks relative to Bing
Self Compatible No - Not Self Compatible
Pollinators Bing, Black Tartarian, Deacon, Lambert, Lapins, Napoleon, Craig's Crimson, Rainier, Royal Ann, Sam, Stella. Interfuitful with all popular sweet cherries/excellent pollinator for Bing and Lambert and most other sweet cherry varieties.
Description Orig. in Summerland, British Columbia, Canada, by A.J. Mann, Canada Dept. of Agriculture, Res. Sta. Cross made in 1936; selected in 1942. Introd. in 1944. Fruit: Bing type (blocky shape with short stem); medium size, sweet; skin black, with bright luster; Somewhat resistant to spurs and doubles; somewhat resistant to cracking, being less susceptible than Lambert; as large as Bing with comparable crop, but often smaller due to overbearng; bears 1-3 years before Bing. Slightly firmer and quite as good in quality as Bing; same season as Bing; Blocky shape with a short stem. Resistant to splitting. Ripens from mid-June to early July depending on location. Withstands harsher climatic conditions than other sweet cherries. Tree: vigorous, upright; heavy, annual bearer; hardier than Bing, widely grown and a parent of Rainier. Named in honor of J. R. Van Haarlen, Hort. Expt. Sta., Vineland, Ontario. Very cold hardy; hardy in Zones 4-9. Reliable, heavy bearing. In Pollination Period III. Canker - some susceptibility.


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