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Prunus Cultivar: Redhaven

Cultivar Name: Redhaven
Type Peach
Synonyms 'Red Haven'
Patent Not Patented
Parentage Prunus persica cv. Halehaven x Kalhaven
Species Prunus persica
Usage Scion
Fresh Market
Chill Requirement 950 chill hours required
Yield High
Flesh Color Yellow
Pit Cling
Ripening time -3 weeks relative to Elberta
Self Compatible Yes - Self Compatible
Description Orig. in South Haven, Michigan., by Stanley Johnston, Michigan Agr. Expt. Sta. Introd. in 1940. The standard for early peaches. Medium size fruit; round; suture somewhat prominent; skin yellow overlaid red to deep red; attractive; firm with yellow flesh, melting, and red at pit. Trees: spreading, vigorous and strong growing; abundant fruit set; dislikes warm winters. Fruit handles well and flesh resists browning. Susceptible to leaf curl, brown rot, Oriental fruit moth and twig borer. Excellent for desserts, canning and Freezing.