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FPS Available Sweet Potato Cultivars


Proprietary Cultivars - The following cultivars are available from FPS only by permission of the proprietor/patent holder.

sweet potato cultivars
Cultivar Proprietor/ Patent Holder*
Beauregard 04 Sweet Potato Council of California
Bellevue *Louisiana State University AgCenter
Bonita *Louisiana State University AgCenter
Burgundy *Louisiana State University AgCenter
CA O'Henry Sweet Potato Council of California
Diane Sweet Potato Council of California
Murasaki-29 01 *Louisiana State University AgCenter
Stokes Purple *A.V. Thomas Produce, Inc.

Public Cultivars

FPS is pleased to announce that 16 heirloom sweetpotato cultivars are now available. These cultivars were procured from the USDA Plant Genetics Resources Conservation Unit (PGRCU) in Griffin, Georgia. They were preemptively treated by microshoot tip therapy to remove known and unknown viruses, and tested by graft index on Ipomoea setosa and qPCR.

More information about each cultivar is available on the USDA GRIN website. Enter the Plant Introduction number (PI) in the search field.

sweet potato cultivars
Cultivar Grin PI #
Bugsbunny PI 538349
Carogold PI 566615
Centennial PI 566619
Georgia Jet PI 566627
Hernandez PI 566632
Kekori PI 564147
Margarita PI 564161
Molokai Purple PI 641934
Okinawa Purple PI 645582
Purple PI 573297
Seon-Mi PI 585070
Sweet Red PI 566658
Usquillano PI 531157
Viola PI 538348
Waimanalo PI 573294
Yellow sunflower PI 508521

Other publicly available cultivars:

  • Blackie
  • Golden Sweet
  • Jersey
  • Red Rose