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Rose Cultivars Available at Foundation Plant Services

* = Patented variety; can only be supplied upon receipt of written permission from patent holder
™ or ® = Off patent, but name is trademarked; purchaser cannot use name without permission from trademark holder

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Rose Understock Selections

Burr Multiflora De la Grifferaie Dr. Huey
Fortuniana IXL Manettii
Natal Briar Odorata RW

Rose Scion Selections

*A Shropshire Lad® *Abbaye De Cluny™ *About Face™
*Above All™ *Above and Beyond™ Adam
*Adobe Sunrise™ *All a'Twitter™ *All My Loving
*All-American Magic Allspice Aloha
Altissimo® *Always and Forever® Ambassador®
*Amber Sunblaze® America™ American Heritage®
American Pride American Spirit Angel Face
*Anna's Promise™ *Anthony Meilland Antigua
Antique Rose™ Apache Tears *Apricot Candy™
*Apricot Drift® Apricot Nectar *Apricots n' Cream™
*April in Paris™ Archduke Charles *Arctic Blue™
*Aromatherapy™ *Artistry *Astounding Glory
*Auguste Renoir® Austrian Copper Autumn Damask
*Autumn Sunblaze® Autumn Sunset® *Baby Bloomer™
*Baby Paradise Sunblaze™ Baby Talk Baccará®
*Bajazzo Climbing® Ballerina Barbara Bush™
*Barbra Streisand Baronne Prévost *Bathsheba
*Beautiful Dreamer Belinda Belinda's Dream
Belle Portugaise *Beloved *Best Kept Secret™
*Betty Boop™ Betty Prior *Beverly™
Beverly Hills Bewitched Big Apple
Big Splash Bill Warriner™ *Billy Graham™
Bishop Darlington *Black Cherry™ *Black Magic
Blanche Mallerin Blaze Blaze Improved
*Blaze of Glory Climbing *Bliss® *Blossom Blanket™
Blue Chip Blue Girl Blue Mist
Blue Ribbon Blush Noisette Bob Hope
*Bolero™ Bon-Bon *Bordeaux™
*Boscobel Brandy™ Brass Band™
*Brick House™ Bridal Pink™ *Bridal Sunblaze®
Bridal White™ Bride's Dream Bride's White
Brigadoon™ *Brilliant Pink Iceberg™ *Brilliant Veranda™
*Brite Eyes Brite Lites® Broadway™
Bronze Masterpiece *Bronze Star™ *Bubble Double™
Buccaneer *Bull's Eye™ Butterscotch
*Cabana™ Cal Poly™ Calico
Camara® Camelot *Campfire
*Cancan™ Candelabra™ *Candy Cane Cocktail™
*Candy Land™ *Candy Sunblaze® *Canyon Road™
*Cape Diamond™ Capistrano Cara Mia
*Caramel Kisses™ Cardinal Song™ Carefree Delight™
*Carefree Marvel™ *Carefree Spirit *Carefree Sunshine Climbing
Carefree Wonder™ Caribbean™ *Caribbean Breeze
Carina® Caroline de Monaco Carrousel
Cary Grant™ Cathedral Cécile Brünner
Cécile Brünner Climbing *Centennial Star™ Century Two
Champneys' Pink Cluster *Change of Heart™ Charisma
Charles Aznavour® *Charlotte Charlotte Armstrong Climbing
*Ch-Ching!™ *Cheri Kolorscape™ Cherish
Cherokee Rose *Cherries 'n' Cream™ *Cherry Frost™
*Cherry Parfait™ *Cherry Sunblaze® Cherry-Vanilla
Chicago Peace® *Chihuly® *Children's Hope™
China Doll *Chris Evert™ Christian Dior
*Christopher Columbus Chrysler Imperial *Cinco de Mayo™
Circus Circus Parade *Claire Austin
Class Act *Cloud 10™ *Clouds of Glory
*Colette *Color Cocktail Color Magic
*Colorific™ Colour Wonder Columbus Queen
Comanche Command Performance Condesa de Sástago
Confetti Confidence™ Contempo
Coral Dawn *Coral Drift® *Coral Knock Out®
*Coretta Scott King™ *Crackling Fire™ *Crazy Love™
*Cream Veranda® Crépuscule *Crescendo®
*Crimson Bouquet™ Crimson Glory Crimson Glory Climbing
*Crimson Meidiland™ *Crocus Rose® Crown Jewel
*Crown Princess Margareta® *Crush on You *Crystal Fairy
Cynthia *Daddy's Little Girl™ Dainty Bess
*Darcey Bussell *Daring Spirit™ *Dark Desire™
*Day Breaker *DayDream *Dee-Lish®
*Desmond Tutu™ *Diamond Eyes™ Diamond Jubilee
*Dick Clark™ Dolly Parton Don Juan
*Doris Day™ Dortmund® Double Delight™
Doubloons *Dream Come True™ Dream Weaver™
*Drop Dead Red™ Dublin Bay Ducher
Duchesse de Brabant Duet *Earth Angel™
*Easter Basket™ *Easy Does It™® *Easy on the Eyes™
*Easy Spirit™ *Easy to Please™ *Ebb Tide™
Eclipse Eden Climber™ *Edith™
*Edith's Darling™ *Eglantyne El Capitan
El Cid Electron® Elizabeth Taylor
*Elle® Eloquence *Enchanted Evening™
*Enchanted Peace™ *Eternal Flame™ *Eureka™
Europeana® Evening Star® *Eyeconic Lemonade™
*Eyeconic Lychee Lemonade *Eyeconic Melon Lemonade *Eyeconic Pink Lemonade™
*Eyeconic® Mango Lemonade F. J. Grootendorst Fabergé
*Fairy Meidiland™ *Fairy Queen *Falling in Love™
*Falstaff® Fame!™ Fancy Talk
Fascination Fashion Feisty™
Ferdinand Pichard *Fire Meidiland™ Fire 'n' Ice™
*Fire Opal Kolorscape™ *Firecracker Kolorscape™ *Fired Up™
*Firefighter® *First Crush™ First Love
First Prize First Prize Climbing *Flamingo Kolorscape®
Floradora *Florentina™ Fortune's Double Yellow
*Fourth Of July™ Fragrant Cloud *Fragrant Keepsake™
Fragrant Memory Fragrant Plum *Francis Meilland
*Francois Rabelais™ Frau Karl Druschki *Frederic Mistral™
French Lace Fresh Pink *Frida Kahlo
Friendship™ *Fruity Petals™ *Full Sail
Futura Gabriella® *Garden Delight
Garden Director Tom Liggett Garden Party® *Garden Sun™
Garnette Gartendirektor Otto Linne *Gaye Hammond
*Gemini™ Gene Boerner *Gentle Giant™
*Gentle Hermione® *George Burns™ *Gertrude Jekyll®
*Gilded Sun™ Gina Lollobrigida® Gingersnap
*Glowing Peace™ *Gold Glow Gold Medal®
Gold Rush *Gold Struck™ Golden Emblem
Golden Garnette Golden Gate Golden Masterpiece
Golden Scepter Golden Showers® *Golden Zest™
Goldilocks *Good as Gold™ *Graham Thomas®
Granada *Grand Amore® Grand Masterpiece
*Grand Prize™ *Grande Dame *Grape Jelly™
*Grateful Heart® Green Rose Greetings™
Gruss an Aachen *Guy de Maupassant™ Gypsy Carnival
Half Time *Happy Go Lucky™ Hawaii
Hawaiian Delight *Head over Heels Headliner
Heirloom Helen Hayes Helen Traubel
Helmut Schmidt® Henry Fonda™ Hermosa
*Heroes Rose Hi Ho *Highwire Flyer™
*Home Run™ *Honey Bouquet™ *Honey Nectar™
*Honey Perfume™ Honor™ *Hot & Sassy™
*Hot Cocoa™ Hotel California® *Hypnotized
Iceberg Iceberg Climbing *Icecap™
Iced Tea *Imogen Impatient
*In the Mood™ Ink Spots Interama
Intrigue Irish Gold Ivory Fashion
Ivory Tower Jacqueline *James Galway®
Jardins De Bagatelle® *Jasmina™ Jazz Fest
*Jean Giono™ Jennifer Hart *Johann Strauss®
John F. Kennedy *Jolie Veranda Jolly Roger
Joseph's Coat® *Jubilee Celebration™ Judy Garland
*Julia Child™ Julie Link K. A. Viktoria
Kaleidoscope™ Kardinal® *Kardinal Kolorscape™
Karl Herbst Katherine Loker Katherine T. Marshall
Kentucky Derby *Ketchup & Mustard™ King's Ransom
*Koko Loko™ Kordes' Perfecta *L. D. Braithwaite®
*La Park La Reine Victoria *Lace Cascade Climbing
Lady Elgin *Lady Elsie May™ Lady Hillingdon
*Lady in Red™ *Lady of Shalott Lady X
*Laguna™ Lamarque Las Vegas®
*Lasting Love® *Lavender Meidiland® *Lavender Veranda®
Le Vésuve Legend *Legends™
*Lemon Drift® *Lemon Drop *Lemon Fizz Kolorscape™
*Leonardo da Vinci® *Let Freedom Ring™ *Lichfield Angel
*Light My Fire™ Lily Pons *Limoncello™
*Liv Tyler *Livin' Easy™ *Livin' La Vida®
*Look-A-Likes® Apple Dapple *Look-A-Likes® BougainFeelYa *Look-A-Likes® Hydrangealicious
*Look-A-Likes® Phloxy Baby Louise Odier Love
*Love & Peace™ *Love Song™ *Lovers Lane™
Love's Promise Lucky Lady *Lupo®
Madame Alfred Carrière *Madame Anisette™ Madame Butterfly
Madame Ernest Calvat Madame Joseph Schwartz Madame Plantier
*Malibu *Malvern Hills Maman Cochet
*Mandarin Sunblaze® *Mango Veranda™ *Marco Polo
*Mardi Gras™ Margaret Merril® *Marie Curie
Marie van Houtte *Marilyn Monroe™ Marina®
Marmalade *Marmalade Skies™ Matador
Matterhorn® Medallion® *Mellow Yellow
*Melody Parfumée™ *Memorial Day™ Mercedes®
Merci *Mercury Rising™ *Michelangelo
Midas Touch™ *Midnight Blue™ Mikado™
*Milano Kolorscape™ Milestone Millie Walters™
Mirandy Miss All-American Beauty *Miss Behavin'™
*Miss Congeniality™ Mister Lincoln® Misty
*Modern Magic™ Mojave *Molineux®
Mon Cheri™ *Monkey Business™ Monsieur Tillier
Montezuma *Moondance™ Moonlight
*Moonlight Romantica® *Moonstone™ *Morning Magic™
*Mortimer Sackler™ *Mother of Pearl™ Mount Shasta
Mr. Bluebird Mrs Pierre S. duPont Mrs Sam McGredy Climbing
Mrs. B. R. Cant Mrs. Dudley Cross *Munstead Wood
Mutabilis *Neil Diamond™ New Dawn
New Day New Year® *Night Owl™
Nocturne *Obsession™ *Octoberfest™
*Oh Happy Day® *Oh My!™ Oklahoma
Old Blush Old Blush Climbing Old Master
Oldtimer Olé *Olivia Rose Austin
Olympiad™ Olympic Dream Opening Night™
Orange Elf Orange Garnet Orange Honey
*Oranges 'n' Lemons Orchid Jubilee Climbing *Orchid Romance™
Oregold Origami™ *Oso Easy ® Cherry Pie
*Oso Easy ® Double Red® *Oso Easy ® Hot Paprika *Oso Easy ® Italian Ice®
*Oso Easy ® Lemon Zest® *Oso Easy ® Mango Salsa *Oso Easy ® Paprika
*Oso Easy ® Peachy Cream *Oso Easy ® Petit Pink *Oso Easy ® Pink Cupcake
*Oso Easy ® Urban Legend ™ *Oso Happy ® Candy Oh! *Oso Happy ® Smoothie
*Outrageous™ *Outta the Blue *Over the Moon™
Pacifica® Papa Meilland® Paprika
*Parade Day™ Paradise™ *Paris de Yves St Laurent™
*Party Hardy *Passionate Kisses™ *Pat Austin®
Patrician Patsy Cline Paul Neyron
Peace Peace Climbing Peach Beauty
*Peach Drift® *Peachy Knock Out® Peak Performance
*Pearl Sevillana *Pearlescent™ *Pearly Gates
*Peppermint Pop™ Perfect Moment™ Perfume Beauty™
Perfume Delight Persian Yellow *Petal Pushers™
*Peter Mayle™ *Phoenix® Picnic
Pigmy Gold Pigmy Red Pilgrim
Piñata *Pink Drift® *Pink Flamingo™
*Pink Home Run® Pink Parfait Pink Peace
*Pink Promise Pink Puff *Pink Traviata
*Pinkerbelle™ Pinkie Climbing Plain Talk
Playgirl™ Pleasure *Polar Express™
Polar Star *Polka *Polynesian Punch™
Polynesian Sunset *Popcorn Drift® *Pope John Paul II™
*Port Sunlight Portrait *Poseidon™
Prairie Rose *Preference President Herbert Hoover
*Pretty in Pink Eden® *Pretty Lady Rose™ Pride 'n' Joy™
*Princess Alexandra of Kent *Princess Anne™ *Princesse Charlene de Monaco
Princesse de Monaco® Pristine® Prominent®
Promise Proud Land *Pumpkin Patch™
*Pure Perfume™ *Purple Splash™ Queen Elizabeth®
Queen Elizabeth Climbing *Queen Mary 2™ Queen of Bourbons
*Queen of Sweden® Queen of the Lakes *Quicksilver™
*Rainbow Happy Trails™ *Rainbow Sorbet™ *Rainbow Sunblaze®
*Raspberry Cream Twirl™ Razzle Dazzle Red Devil
*Red Drift® *Red Eden Climber Red Masterpiece
Red Radiance Red Reflection *Red Streamer™
*Red Sunblaze® Redgold Regensberg®
Rêve d'Or Rex Anderson Rio Samba™
*Rock & Roll™ Romance Rose Gaujard®
*Rosie the Riveter™ *Rouge Royale™ Roundelay
*Roxanne Veranda™ Royal Canadian Royal Highness
Royal Success *Ruby Meidiland® *Ruby Ruby™
*Ruffled Cloud™ Safrano Sally Holmes
*Salmon Sunblaze® Salsa™ Samantha®
Sarabande® Saratoga Savannah
*Savannah™ Sunbelt® Rose™ Scarlet Knight Scarlet Moss™
*Scent From Above Climbing™ *Scentimental™ *Scepter'd Isle®
Sea Foam® Seashell Secret™
*Secret's Out Sevillana Sexy Rexy®
Sharon's Delight™ Sheer Bliss Sheila's Perfume
Shining Hour™ *Shining Moment™ *Shockwave™
Showbiz Showtime *Signature®
Signora *Silver Star® Simon Bolivar
Simplicity™ Singin' in the Rain *Sixteen Candles
Small Talk *Smiley Face™ *Smoke Rings™
*Smokin' Hot™ Smoky Snowfire
Soeur Thérèse *Soft Whisper Solitude™
*Solstice™ Sonia Sonoma
*Sophy's Rose *Soul Sister™ *South Africa
South Seas Souvenir de la Malmaison Souvenir de St Anne's
Spanish Sun *Spanish Sunset *Sparkle & Shine™
Spartan Spellbinder *St. Patrick™
*Stainless Steel™ Starry Night Sterling Silver
*Stormy Weather™ Strawberry Blonde *Strawberry Hill®
*Strike It Rich™ *Sugar Moon™ *Sultry Sangria™
Summer Dream Summer Fashion *Summer Nights
*Summer Romance™ Summer Snow Climbing *Summer Sun
Summer Sunshine *Summer's Kiss Summerwine
Sun Flare Sun Glory Sun Goddess
*Sun Sprinkles™ *Sunbeam Veranda™ Sunbright®
Sunfire Sunny June *Sunny Sky™
Sunset Celebration™ Sunset Jubilee *Sunshine Daydream
*Sunshine Happy Trails™ Sunsong Sunsprite
*Sunstruck™ Sutter's Gold Swamp Rose
Swarthmore Sweet Chariot™ *Sweet Drift®
Sweet Inspiration *Sweet Spirit™ *Sweet Sunblaze®
Sweet Surrender Sweet Vivien *Tahitian Sunset™
*Tahitian Treasure *Take It Easy™ Tamango®
Tampico *Tangerine Skies™ Target
*Teasing Georgia™ Tempo *Tequila™
*Tequila Supreme™ *Tess of the d'Urbervilles® Texas
*The Alnwick Rose® *The Ancient Mariner *The Blushing Knock Out Rose
*The Charlatan™ *The Double Knock Out Rose The Fairy
*The Knock Out Rose *The Lady of the Lake *The McCartney Rose™
*The Pink Double Knock Out Rose *The Pink Knock Out Rose *The Poet's Wife
*The Rainbow Knock Out Rose *The Sunny Knock Out Rose Thérèse Bugnet
*Thrive!® *Tiddly Winks™ Tiffany
Tiffany Climbing Timeless™ Tonight
Topaz Jewel™ *Tottering-by-Gently Touch of Class™
*Toulouse Lautrec® Tournament of Roses *Tranquillity®
*Traviata™ Tribute *Tropical Lightning™
*Tropical Twist™ Tropicana Trumpeter®
*Twilight Zone™ Twister Climbing Typhoo Tea
Uncle Joe Valentine *Valentine's Day
*Vanessa Bell *Vavoom™ Verona
Veterans' Honor™ *Violet's Pride™ Vision
Viva *Walking On Sunshine *We Salute You™
*Wedding Bells™ *Wedding Party *Whimsy™
*Whipped Cream™ *Whisper White Butterfly
White Dawn White Delight *White Drift®
*White Eden™ *White Knock Out® *White Licorice™
White Masterpiece *White Meidiland® White Pet
White Satin White Simplicity® White Swan
*Wild Blue Yonder™ Wild Plum™ *Wild Spice
*Wild Thing™ William Baffin *Windermere
*Winner's Circle™ Winter Magic™ *Winter Sun™
*Wisley 2008 Woburn Abbey *Wollerton Old Hall
Work of Art Climbing™ *World War II Memorial Rose™ Yankee Doodle®
*Yellow Sunblaze® *Young Lycidas *You're the One™
Yuletide Yves Piaget® Zéphirine Drouhin