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Foundation Plant Services Grape Newsletters

A rich source of historical detail about Foundation Plant Services (FPMS/FPS) can be found in annual publications produced by FPS staff from 1981 through 2012. "Real time coverage" of important issues and events were reported for FPS customers and other interested parties.

For a period between 1981 and 1995, FPS produced a single annual publication covering all FPS crops. In January of 1996, a separate newsletter for each crop was initiated. The grape program newsletter offered features on new clones and varieties in the FPS foundation collection, new disease testing and treatment technologies, seminars and other educational events for industry members, and reports of key events and people at FPS.

The publications below include the all-crop newsletters for 1981-1995 and the grape program newsletters from 1996-2012.

Published Contents
October 2012 From the Director: A Fruitful Year of Expansion | 2012-13 Season Orders | New FPS Public Grape Varieties and Selections | New Croatian Winegrape Varieties at FPS | Notice of Release of Table Grape C51-63 | Detection of a Novel Grapevine Vitivirus in California | Russell Ranch Vineyard: 2012 Update | The Bagrada Bug, Bagrada hilaris Burmester 1835 | Hosting the 17th Meeting of the ICVG | UC scientists presented 15 papers, posters or lectures at the ICVG XVII conference | Malbec and Cot: From France to FPS
October 2011 From the Director’s Desk | 2011-12 Season Orders | New Naming Convention Preserves Historic Identity of Selections in the Russell Ranch Foundation Vineyard | New FPS Public Grape Varieties and Selections | Breeding Salt Tolerant Rootstocks | Three Root-Knot Nematode Resistant Rootstocks Released by USDA Agricultural Research Service | Tales from the FPS Plant Identification Lab | A Social Look at Leafroll: A New Approach | Barbera Finds a Second Home in California | In Memory, L. Peter Christensen | Brown Marmorated Stink Bug (BMSB) | First Vines Have Been Planted in the Russell Ranch Foundation Vineyard
October 2010 Russell Ranch Foundation Vineyard is Under Way | 2010-11 Season Orders | From the Director’s Desk | FPS Offers New Grape Selections for 2010-2011 | Release of 'Fay Rouge' - a Fay Triplett Red Wine Variety | New Features on the National Grape Registry | Grapevine Disease Testing Protocol 2010 | Micro-vs. Macroshoot Tip Tissue Culture Therapy for Disease Elimination in Grapevines | Leafroll Disease Research at FPS | Sauvignon blanc: Past and Present | Sauvignon Selections at Foundation Plant Services | The National Plant Diagnostic Network | National Clonal Germplasm Repository for Tree Fruits, Nut Crops and Grapes | The European Grapevine Moth | Spotted Wing Drosophila found in California, Oregon, Washington, and British Columbia
October 2009 Proposal for the Russell Ranch Foundation | 2009-10 Season Orders | New Public Grape Varieties and Selections Available for 2009-10 | FPS “Pipeline” Spotlight: Nero D’Avola | Notes from the Plant Identification Lab | Breeding Pierce’s Disease Resistant Winegrapes | Virus Status Update: Millardet et de Grasset 420A 05 | Discussions from Grapevine Leafroll Symposium 2.0 | Towards Understanding Syrah Decline Disease Using Next Generation Sequencing Technology | Variety Focus 2009: The Grapes of Iberia | Riesling Selections | Pest Alerts and Updates | Grapevine Regulations in Final Revision Process
October 2008 Looking Forward to the Next 50 Years | Orders for 2008-09 Season | New Public Grape Varieties and Selections Available for 2008-09 | Grape Selections Now Available from FPS “Next Generation” Vineyard | Five Nematode Resistant Rootstocks are Released | Virus Status Update: FPS Source Vines and Selections | Identity Resolved for Sangiovese and Vernaccia Selections: FPS now has registered Sagrantino and Bianchetta trevigiana | Cold Climate Grape Varieties from Eastern U.S. Breeding Programs | Three Days of Viticulture at the NVRC | Plant Introduction and Distribution News | Susan Nelson-Kluk, Retired After More Than 30 Years | Overview of New Grapevine Regulations and the Rulemaking Process to Adopt these Regulations | Cabernet Sauvignon at FPS | Summary of FPS Cabernet Sauvignon Selections | Update on Heritage Zinfandel Selections at FPS | Leafroll Virus Threatens California Vineyards | In Memory – Ed Weber, Michael E. Vail, James Lider
November 2007 FPS Offers New Grape Selections for 2007-2008 | Comments from the Director | Virus Status Update on FPS Source Vines and Selections | New Releases of Fay Triplett Red Wine Varieties ‘Maxine Rouge’ and ‘Rougett’ | The Light Brown Apple Moth Invasion: Should Grape Growers Be Concerned? | The Zinfandels of FPS | Summary of FPS Zinfandel and Primitivo selections; their sources, status and where they are available. | Chardonnay History and Selections at FPS | Summary of FPS Chardonnay selections; their sources, status and where they are available. | New Draft of Regulations for the California Registration and Certification Program for Grapevines is Ready for Review
November 2006 New Grape Varieties for the 2006-2007 Season | FPS Welcomes New Customer Service Staff | Virus Status of Pinot noir FPS 23 | Vouchers Hold the Key to Successful Grape DNA Identification | SAVII Shiraz Clonal Selection | New Nematode-resistant Grape Rootstocks are Nearing Release | Tempranillo at FPS | Cornell Releases Three New Wine Varieties: Noiret, Corot noir and Valvin Muscat | The National Grape Registry: A New Website Fills an Information Gap | Sangiovese at FPS | Jackson Vineyard Story | ‘Variety Focus: Grapes of the Rhone’ Course Offered Opinions and Wine Tastings | Revising Regulations for the CDFA Grapevine Registration and Certification Program | Virus Elimination from Grape Selections Using Tissue Culture | In Memory-Harold P. Olmo
November 2005 New Grape Selections Available from FPS | New USDA Table Grape Varieties: Autumn King and Scarlet Royal | Less-known Varieties of Chateauneuf-du-Pape are Being Indexed by FPS | FPS Custom Importation and Clean Stock Services | Grapevine Clonal Selections from Castilla Y Leon, Spain Now Available from FPS | Variety Identification Updates at FPS | Assigning the "Correct" Grape Variety Name | Proposal for a National Clean Plant Network | The National Grape and Wine Initiative | Q-37 Revision Underway
October 2004 2004-05 New Releases and Selection Advances | Triplett blanc | Sweet Scarlet and Thomcord – Two New Table Grape Varieties Released from ARS | New York Varieties Added to FPS Collection | Updating Variety Names in the Foundation Block | Ed Stover Selected as Curator of the USDA/ARS National Clonal Germplasm Repository at Davis | Rootstock Selections with Strong and Broad Resistance to Nematodes are Nearing Release | The Origin of the Durell Syrah | The Spanish National Grape Collection – La Finca El Encin | Vine Mealybug Update: Grape Nurseries Taking Control | Grape Crown Gall Biology and Strategies for Control | Vine Selection and Clones | In Memory – Donna Marzolf, Glenn Friebertshauser
October 2003 Lower Minimums and New Selections for 2003-2004 | Name Change and Logo | Challenging Times Ahead for FPS | New Grape Variety Identification Service Offered | Release of UC Patented Nematode-Resistant Rootstocks | Updating Variety Names in the Foundation Blocks | History of Pinot Noir at FPS | FPS Winegrape Selections Evaluated for Warm Regions | Oregon Grape Registration/Certification and Quarantine Programs | Washington’s Grapevine Foundation Program | Wine Grape Varieties in California – Now Available
October 2002 New Materials Released by FPMS in 2002 | 2002-2003 Grape Orders | 2002 Introductions for the Future Public Collection | ENTAV-INRA Clones at FPMS | Fay Triplett Collection | Sauvignon blanc Selections at FPMS | Carneros Creek Clonal Trial | 2001-02 DNA Testing of FPMS Grapevines | Developing Rootstocks to Combat Nematodes in California Vineyards | Changes to Oregon’s Grapevine Quarantine | NAPPO News | Young Vine Decline and Black Measles Report | Syrah Decline in French Vineyards | Carole Meredith Solves the Mystery of Zinfandel
October 2001 2001-2002 Grape Orders | New Materials from FPMS | USDA Varieties | New Accessions for the Future FPMS Public Collection | Three New Grape Rootstocks With Broad Nematode Resistance | California Grapevine Registration and Certification Program Update | Retesting of Foundation Mother Vines | The USDA Grape Germplasm Collections | FPMS Lab Activities | French Cabernet Sauvignon 337 and Leafroll Type 2 Virus | Public Syrah/Shiraz Selections at FPMS | A Graft Union Disorder of Syrah | The Discovery of a New Virus Explains Redglobe/Rootstock Incompatibility
October 2000 2000-2001 Grape Orders | New Materials Available from FPMS | New USDA Raisin Variety | New Imports for the FPMS Public Collection | Professional Varietal Identification | 1999-00 DNA Testing of FPMS Vines | Washington RSP Regulations | Retesting Foundation Mother Vines | NAPPO News | New PCR Testing Services
October 1999 1999-2000 Grape Orders | New Grape Materials | Provisional Materials | 039-16 Report | Retesting Foundation Mother Vines | New Technology | Family Ties | 1998-99 DNA Testing of FPMS vines | Latent Virus Progress | PCR for the Future | NAPPO and the Grape Nursery
October 1998 1998-99 Grape Orders | New Grape Materials | New Rupestris Stem Pitting (RSP) Infected Materials | Old Foundation Vineyard Removal | Provisional Registration Status | Retesting Foundation Mother Vines | Vines on Hold at FPMS | R&C Program Changes | California Grape Register | NAPPO | A New Test for Grapevine Rupestris Stem Pitting | FPMS Web Site Now Online!! | FPMS Grapevine User Fee Program
October 1997 Order Deadline for the 1997-98 Season | New Materials | Duplicate Releases | Status of New Releases | Registered Grape Selections Available from FPMS | Rupestris Stem Pitting Infected Materials Available | Mist Propagated Plant Supply | Varietal Summaries Available | Results from 1995-96 Cabernet Franc Leafroll Test | Custom Treatment Testing and Quarantine Services | Sourcing Grapevines in North America | Carmenere Lives at UC Davis | Commercial Grape Variety Identification Services | Grape Rootstock Flash Cards | Proposed California Grapevine Registration & Certification Program Changes | Some of the Major Proposed Program Changes | FPMS User Fee Enforcement | New Surcharge on Foreign Grape Orders | New FPMS Customers | New FPMS Address and Phone Number
November 1996 New materials available from FPMS | Variety Inspection by Dr. Jean Michel Boursiquot | Negotiations for new French Clones | Checking FPMS grape materials in private vineyards for trueness to variety | Future California certification program changes | FPMS grower agreement and user fees | Pricing Changes | New FPMS Cold Storage Facility
January 1996 New Nonregistered Grape Materials Available | New Registered Grape Materials Available | New Grape Clone Evaluation Information | Leafroll and Fanleaf Elisa Testing at FPMS | Leafroll ELISA Research | Leafroll ELISA and Cabernet Franc Data Available to FPMS Customers | The Future of the Grape Program at FPMS
November 1995 National Grapevine Importation and Clean Stock Facility | Message from the Director | New Price Lists | 1995 Lab Tests | Financial Report | FPMS Workshops | Material Allocation Deadlines | Custom Grapevine Treatment, Testing and Quarantine Services | New Grape Materials Added to the Foundation Vineyard | New Grape Clone Evaluation Information | Pistachio Seed Program | FPMS Rose Program | Tree Program "Fruit Stand" | Strawberry Program | Genetic Testing for Trueness to Type
October 1993 FPMS Annual Industry Advisory Meeting for Grapes, Trees, and Roses | Materials Distribution Report | Order, Price, and Billing Changes | Dean's Review of Foundation Seed and Plant Materials Service Completed | Grapevine Leafroll Associated Virus Testing by ELISA | 1992-93 Grape Season Report | Next Generation Grapevine Certifiation Program | Availability of Foundation and Certified Stock in 1993-94 Season | Price Increases for FPMS Grape Materials | Grapevine Importation Program | New Grape Materials Released from Quarantine | Micro Shoot-Tip Culture to Clean Up Grape Materials | Tree Program | Strawberry Program | Rose Program
November 1992 FPMS Annual Industry Advisory Meeting for Grapes, Trees, and Roses | FPMS Financial Report | New Staff at FPMS | Charges for Order Changes and Maintenance | New Regulations Governing Grapevine Shipments in California | Riparia Gloire Roostock Status | Inspection of Italian Grape Selections at FPMS | Testing for Leafroll Associated Viruses in the Foundation Vineyard by ELISA | Rupestris Stem Pitting Disease of Grapevines | New Grape Register | National Grapevine Importation Program | News from the Field | New Tree Varieties and Trueness-to-Variety Determination | FPMS Strawberry Clean Stock Program | Rose Program
October 1991 FPMS Annual Industry Advisory Meeting | FPMS Financial Report | Billing Changes | FPMS Staff Changes | Updated Grape Lists | Letter from Phil Freese About the Status of the National Grape Importation and Clean Stock Facility | Applications to Import Foreign Grape Materials Being Developed | New Selections in the Foundation Vineyard | Checking the Foundation Vineyard for Trueness to Variety | Vines and Selections to be Removed from the Program | Seed Availability | Phylloxera Task Force Recommendations | Repropogation of Old Foundation Vineyard | ELISA Testing of Foundation Orchard and Foundation Vineyard | Foundation Orchard Report | Rose Program | Strawberry Clean Stock Program
November 1990 FPMS Annual Industry Advisory Meeting | FPMS Financial Report | New Staff at FPMS | Grape Program Report | Testing of the Foundation Vineyard for Fanleaf Virus with ELISA | Advantages of Planting with California Certified Grape Stock | Phylloxera Task Force Recommendation | FPMS Grape Material Availability | Updated Grape Lists | Tree Program Report | New Orchard Plantings | Seed Availability | Strawberry Clean Stock Program
November 1989 FPMS Annual Industry Advisory Meeting | FPMS Financial Report | Grape Program Report | FPMS Grape Importation Project | Introduction of Selected Winegrape Clones | Vineyard Inspection | New Registered Grape Selections | Diseased Selections Removed from the Program | Riparia Gloire | Updated Grape Lists | Grape Allocation Deadline | Mist Propogated Grape Plants Available from FPMS | Grapevine User Fees | Tree Program Report | Updating the Foundation Orchard
November 1988 FPMS Annual Industry Advisory Meeting | FPMS Financial Report | Computerized Order Processing | Minimum Order Charge Reminder | Requesting Certification Tags | New Staff at FPMS | Nursery Tax Legislation Update | Grape Material Allocation | Mist Propagated Grape Plants for Sale | Grape Program Changes | FPMS Grape Customer Meeting | New Grape Selections Available from FPMS | Introduction of Selected Winegrape Clones | FPMS Fruit and Nut Tree Program Report | Foundation Stock Tags and Peach and Nectarine | Updating the Foundation Orchard | Fruit and Nut Tree Seed Supplies | Strawberry Clean Stock Program
November 1987 FPMS Annual Industry Advisory Meeting | FPMS Financial Report | New Slide Show Describes Certification Programs | Nursery Tax Legislation Passes | New Chairperson for UCD Viticulture and Enology Department | New USDA Research Plant Pathologist at UCD | Funding from Winegrowers of CA for Introduction of Selected Winegrape Clones | New Grape Selections Available from FPMS | Update on Fanleaf Resistant Grape Rootstocks 039-16 and 043-43 | Peach Yellow Leaf Roll Infected Tree Identified in Foundation Orchard | Foundation Orchard to Be Repropagated | 1987 Fruit Tree Seed Supplies | Report on Results of Certified Peach Seed Germination Trials | Hybrid Pistachio Seed Available for Sale | New UCD Pomology Staff Members | FPMS Strawberry Clean Stock Program | Registered Grape Varieties | Registered Varieties - Foundation Orchard
October 1985 FPS Annual Industry Advisory Meeting | FPMS Financial Report for 1984-85 Fiscal Year | Fruit Tree Program Report | Grapevine Program Report
October 1984 FPMS Annual Industry Advisory Meeting | FPMS Financial Report | Fruit Tree Program Report | Grapevine Program Report | New and Ongoing Special Projects
October 1983 Financial Report | Plant Pathology Report for Fruit Tree Program | Plant Pathology Report for Grape Vine Program | New Projects
August 1982 FPMS Staff Changes | Peach Yellow Leaf Roll | Note from Dr. Nyland Concerning 3 Bing Cherry Clones | Issues Affecting FPMS and California Grapevine Registration and Certification program
August 1981 Green Wood Season | Work on the new FPMS Seed Orchard | New block of Shirofugan Cherry Trees | Revised Order Form, Materials, and Price Lists