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Prunus Cultivar: Black Republican

Cultivar Name: Black Republican
Type Cherry
Synonyms 'Leweling', 'Oregon Black', 'Republican'
Patent Not Patented
Parentage Unknown, it is thought by some to be a cross of 'Napoleon' and 'Black Tartarian' and by others to be a seedling of 'Eagle'
Species Prunus avium
Usage Scion
Taste Sweet
S Genotype S1S4
Flesh Color deep purple
Pit Semi-freestone
Ripening time 0 weeks relative to Bing
Self Compatible No - Not Self Compatible
Pollinators Bing, Black Tartarian, Napoleon, Rainier, Lapins, Stella, Van. Black Republican usually used as a pollinator.
Description In the 1860's, Seth Lewelling (Henderson Lewelling's brother) introduced the 'Black Republican' and 'Bing' cherries, the latter named for the foreman of his Chinese work crew. Revered for its exceedingly rich, sweet, intense/distinct black cherry flavor. Both the deep purple color and distinct flavor carry through in black cherry ice cream or yogurt. Some say the flavor is "earthy" with notes of rose, almond and/or herbs. The first Black Republican cherry tree was planted by Seth Lewelling, a nurseryman, Quaker and abolitionist who chose the name Black Republican in promotion of his abolitionist beliefs. Fruit is medium-sized and of good quality; keeps and ships well. Although the parentage is unknown, it is thought by some to be a cross of 'Napoleon' and 'Black Tartarian' and by others to be a seedling of 'Eagle'. An heirloom cherry cultivar. An old cultivar commercially grown for fruit in the Willamette Valley, OR, after ˜1860 and now is usually only grown as a pollenizer cultivar.


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