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What is Foundation Plant Services?

Foundation Plant Services is a center in the College of Agriculture and Environmental Sciences at the University of California, Davis. FPS is dedicated to the distribution of plant materials produced by UC researchers, improved by technology developed by UC researchers, or valuable to Specialty Crop nurseries. The primary focus of our FPS programs is producing the highest quality plant materials which have been virus tested and professionally identified using state of the art technology. At this time, FPS is responsible for programs for grapes, strawberries, fruit trees, nut trees, pistachio rootstocks, roses, sweet potatoes, and chestnut. These programs have played a key national and international role in distributing new crop varieties and healthy planting stocks.

FPS is an unusual center at UC Davis because our primary mission is service and our unit is self-supporting. Our programs are supported by the sale of plant materials, industry assessments, gifts and grants. FPS includes 2 buildings, a complex of greenhouses, cold storage, screen houses, and shade house growing areas as well as about 225 acres of fields. The Rose collection is over 8 acres with plans for expansion.

Encyclopedia Staff:

Karl Krist has over 17 years’ experience creating integrated data systems. His love for all things related to plants has led him to work in the full continuum of photography, databases, web programming and design in order to create web products like the Foundation Plant Services Rose Encyclopedia.

For the past 17 years, Valerie Krist has collaborated and created web, print and illustration design projects for the University of California, the Graduate School of Journalism at UC Berkeley, Oceans Foundation, California Dept. of Fish and Game, Stanford University and UC Santa Cruz, Yahoo!, Google, ACEs Connections, UCD Health System, as well as privately owned businesses and corporations. She is currently enjoying her photography and design work with FPS while continuing her most important job of raising her 3 young children with her husband, Karl.

Marita Madeloni has been working as a professional photographer for the past eight years. She is an accomplished portrait and food photographer but has a passion for botanical photography. When not taking photos she can be found in the kitchen or hanging out with her dogs.

Judy Lee began working at FPS in 2001. She is a Staff Research Associate spending most of her time working with the FPS Rose Program. She obtained a B.S. in Plant Science from UC Davis in 1983. She has worked in retail nurseries as well as cared for a variety of plant crops in research greenhouses. She grew up in the Bay Area spending much of her time in a yard filled with a vegetable garden, ferns, fuchsias, camellias and … roses!

Sue Sim has been with FPS as a Staff Research Associate for more than 20 years. She has a B.A. in Botany from Connecticut College and M. S. in Plant Pathology from Penn State. She manages the FPS Tissue Culture Lab, where we are working on methods to eliminate viruses from roses and other crops. She also is the Administrative Coordinator for the National Clean Plant Network for Grapes and assists with the National Clean Plant Network for Roses when needed. When the opportunity presents itself, she rides her bike out to the rose collection to take photos and smell the roses.