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April 28, 2017 Debbie Arrington at the Sacramento Bee
Interesting story and video about the Foundation Plant Services rose collection, and the California Center for Urban Horticulture 'Rose Days'.

December 13, 2016 Nancy Sweet at Foundation Plant Services
Each year many new grape varieties and clones become available to the public after completion of testing at Foundation Plant Services. Wine grape clones from vineyards in Europe and California were added to the FPS foundation grapevine collection in 2016. Highlights of those selections were presented at the FPS Annual Meeting in Davis on December 1. Some of the more interesting grape varieties currently in the pipeline at FPS were also previewed.

December 6, 2016 Ted Rieger at Wines & Vines
During the annual meeting, FPS director Dr. Deborah Golino, was presented an award from the California Association of Nurseries and Garden Centers, from its past-president David Cox, as the recipient of the organization’s annual Research Award for 2016. Cox said the award was presented to Golino, “For your contribution towards an improved nursery industry.” Golino has been director of FPS since 1994, and serves as a UC Cooperative Extension Specialist and a faculty member of the UCD Department of Plant Pathology. In addition to its role as the repository for clean grapevine material, and a source of virus-tested, professionally identified grapevines, FPS plays a similar role for the nursery industry for clean plant material for fruit and nut trees, strawberries, ornamental rose cultivars, and sweet potatoes.

December 5, 2016 Ted Rieger at Wines & Vines
Grapevine Pinot Gris virus (GPGV) has been detected in vineyards in 14 locations in Napa County, but not in other California vineyard locations to date, based on initial findings from a statewide survey started in 2016 and funded through an American Vineyard Foundation research grant. These findings and an update on GPGV were presented by Dr. Maher Al Rwahnih, diagnostic and research lab director at Foundation Plant Services (FPS) at the University of California, Davis, during a day-long extension class, “Current Issues in Vineyard Health,” held Nov. 29 in Davis.

Winery owners' gift supports clean, sustainable agriculture

July 18, 2016

Dean Dillard arrived at Foundation Plant Services (FPS) Monday morning expecting to attend a meeting to discuss FPS's work on behalf of the grape industry with Director Deborah Golino and John Dyson, owner of Williams Selyem Winery. So she was quite surprised when John announced his intention to give his first gift to UC Davis $500,000 toward a new endowed chair.

"I am giving this gift to honor the Deanship of my friend Helene", Dyson said in making the surprise announcement. "and to recognize Deborah Golino who has taken on a challenging position and has instituted rigorous science to give wineries clean vines. I have a great deal of respect for her work." A New York native, Dyson worked closely with Dean Dillard while she was Director of Cooperative Extension and on the faculty at Cornell University's College of Agriculture and Life Sciences. His relationship with Foundation Plant Services goes back even further to when he purchased cuttings from the foundation for "a nickel a piece"" in the 1980s to plant his first vineyards. Since then, Dyson has relied on the scientists at FPS to provide grape propagating material and to help him tackle challenges that face all growers, like plant and soil disease.

"This is an incredible investment in our program,"" said Golino. "An endowed chair will ensure UC Davis will always be able to recruit a top scientist to lead FPS and continue to provide exceptional plant materials to the grape, rose, strawberry and other industries who rely on us."

Mr. Dyson's gift is the first toward a larger $1.5 million campaign to create the Foundation Plant Services Endowed Chair. Ultimately, the chair holder will serve as the director of FPS and become a faculty member in the Department of Plant Pathology.

Dean Dillard reacting upon learning of John Dyson's gift toward an endowed chair at FPS.
FPS Director Deborah Golino leads John Dyson on a tour of the facility.
John Dyson announces his gift toward an endowed chair at FPS.

For more information about making a gift to the endowed chair, contact Christine Schmidt at

Davis - under-funded, over-achieving
July 18, 2016
The university maintains an exhaustive public database of grapevine cultivars and rootstocks available in the United States known as the National Grape Registry, as well as running an impressive nursery company selling virus-free versions of these vines, Foundation Plant Services. Known as FPS, this is the only dedicated grape importation facility in the country, which means that most vine material brought legally into the US goes through its doors.

Maher Al Rwahnih wins award from the American Phytopathological Society
May 12, 2016 CAES Currents Newsletter
Maher Al Rwahnih, a project scientist with Foundation Plant Services, has won the Lee M. Hutchins Award from the American Phytopathological Society. The award is given to the author of published research on the diseases of perennial fruit plants.

Industry upbeat about new UC Davis strawberry breeding research
May 04, 2016 Diane Nelson
Strawberry farmers and industry leaders say new science, education and collaborations underway at the UC Davis Public Strawberry Breeding Program bode well for the quality and sustainability of strawberries in California. The breeding program has launched a large-scale genetic disease-resistance experiment, added students and staff researchers to its expanding team, and planted strawberry-yield trials on five farms from Ventura to Watsonville.